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Dolphin aid e.V.

Dolphin aid e.V. has supported thousands of families since its conception in 1995. Together with active and convinced individual supporters, famous sponsors and support from small donations, dolphin aid has paved the way to provide dolphin therapy for many families. Additionally, dolphin aid is a great supporter of the research institutes that are trying to advance the acceptance of therapeutic applications for diseases and ailments within the German health care system. The concept even goes so far as to spearheading a reimbursement plan by health insurance companies for patients using such therapeutic methods. Dolphin aid e.V. is a recognized foundation particularly worthy of state subsidies.

CHRIS BENZ supports dolphin aid e.V. with its own jewellery collection, which is composed by various and high quality jewelry.

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Christian Benzing || Founder & Head

„We want to provide children the opportunity to experience the positive energy emitted by the element of water and the dolphins living within it. I have spent most of my life on and in the water, and have won wonderful impressions and have gained practical knowledge that accompanies me on a daily basis.
For people, the dolphin remains a mythical animal that every child wants to get to meet. Just the thought of this incredible creature fills the mind with joy and gives you strength.

During my visit diving at the dolphin aid - Therapy Center I was ensured that the dolphins are handled in a very good and professional manner and that the children are affectionately and cordially cared for. This experience with the animals deeply affects the soul of the children and builds a sustainable effect.

We are very thankful to support dolphin aid.”