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Every year, more than a 100 million sharks are killed as by-catch or are targeted for their fins/cartilage.

The extermination of these creatures is in full swing and is mostly unnoticed by the public at large. Leading scientists predict that the disappearance of these top predators will lead to extreme changes in the marine ecosystem. The lack of awareness among the public concerning the important role sharks play in the ecosystem and the current situation means that there are fewer groups lobbying for the protection of these creatures than there are for whales and pandas, for instance.

The volunteer initiative SHARKPROJECT e.V. was founded in 2002 and fights on the front line for increased knowledge about sharks to ensure a better understanding of the importance of protecting these animals. The basis of their work is recognising that people are disinclined to protect something of which they are scared. As a recognised charitable organisation – awarded with the DZI seal of approval – it has given itself the goal to improve the shark’s reputation as a bloodthirsty killer and thus lay the foundation for improved protection efforts. This shark initiative counts among its members scientists, divers and shark enthusiasts from around the world. Today, after only 14 years, the organisation possesses an international network of regional organisations, embassies and alliances and is without a doubt one of the world’s leading and most active shark protection organisations. This has been ensured by a wide range of publications, documentation, public awareness work and successful international shark protection campaigns.


In 2016, CHRIS BENZ is joining together with the successful book, ‘BLIND DATES - Das große Buch der Haibegegnungen (The Big Book of Shark Encounters)’ for a joint world premiere with Benz’s SHARKPROJECT EDITION watch. Thanks to this set and a limited edition watch in an exclusive SHARKPROJECT design with the ‘STOP FINNING’ campaign name printed on the base, this launch will bring together all international supporters in the fight against animal extinction and will be a clear sign of the shark conservation lobby’s efforts to save this creature. We can help the sharks by giving them the respect and admiration they deserve and approaching the subject with due sensitivity. We are glad to be doing our part through our collaboration with Sharkproject.

More information on the SHARKPROJECT EDITION can be found here.